Covid Policy

As Chartered Physiotherapists Rachel and Fiona are bound by the CSP and Public Health England policies and guidance when it comes to running in person Pilates classes.

We have worked very hard to make our classes as safe as possible for our teachers and clients.

We have moved the classes to a larger room, limited the numbers to 8 clients per class, marked the floor at ensure all mats are a minimum of 2m apart and provided PPE for our teachers. 

In addition on the day of each class: 


Floors and all common touch points are cleaned before each class. 


All clients and teachers to wear masks when moving around the hall. 


Clients to bring their own equipment.


All clients are screened at booking for symptoms and must report any changes. 


The teachers will remain 2m away from clients during the class or wear PPE if contact is required. 

Measuring mat.jpg